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Managing Google APIs Console Teams with Groups (including Apps for Business!)

As a Developer Advocate @ Google, I've worked with tons of individuals & companies who have multiple projects with Google. A key piece to all of their integrations is our Google APIs Console (and soon to be the Cloud Console) - the one-stop shop to create and manage Google API projects. One question that comes up often is, "how do we manage team access?" This is especially important for companies where employees come and go over time, possibly taking the keys to their projects with them.

The tl;dr is use Google Groups to manage Team members.

The console has a built-in system to manage project members via email addresses. It can be found under Team:

As you can see, you can add multiple emails to this list. A common practice among companies is to create a shared `` address and pass around that email password. WAT?!? DON'T DO THIS. Sharing passwords is insecure and generally bad for the universe.

Everyone working on your Google projects …