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Raspberry Pi bot progress

I've been chipping away at my Raspberry Pi/Arduino bot here and there so I decided it was time for an update.
Basic Controls I've added more general functionality, such as turning left & right. That was easy with Firmata by setting a pin to a mode such as Digital Input or PWM and setting it Low. For example
this.firmata.digitalWrite(,this.firmata.LOW); would turn the stop the right wheel from moving forward.
Mobile-first UI Once I got the new controls wired into, I improved the interface. I forked a neat little project called virtualjoystick.js /by +Jerome Etienne. It is a canvas joystick library that supports touch on mobile (with a mouse fallback.) The primary directions are mapped to their respective method calls. Therefore, I can drive the bot directly from my android phone's mobile browser. While it doesn't show much, here's a screenshot:
Easy remote access with localtunnel When building an internet-enabled device, …