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How I manage my circles

My circles have been getting out of control lately so I finally decided to sit down and come up with a plan.

I love the asynchronous following model of Google+. I have people I like to follow, people who may be interested in something I have to say and a bit of both. When I first created my circles, they were around topics: scriptys (JavaScript folks,) noders (node.js,) Googlers, etc.

Over time, my initial approach became muddy.
Do I want person X to show up my stream all time? They post really interesting links on astronomy, but overwhelm my stream.Does person Y want to be notified about the latest release on Hangout Apps? I found myself thinking about sharing more than I'd like to. So I decided to refactor my circles based on Share and Consume, with an emphasis on keeping people in a single circle where possible. I have a collection of circles that I set to show in my stream, a collection that are muted and one circle to "graduate" people and +Pages into my stream (more…