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Molding Google+: what devs should be able to do

I’m really digging Google+. From the UX to the tight integration with Google products, I feel this is what I would want Google to build for me. As much as I think its great, Google+ is ripe for some serious modz - open platform style.

Here are some of my ideas on ways Google+ could open up to developers:

CRUD fluff
This is the most obvious. Give me R/W access to the Stream, Photos, Profiles & Circles. Make sure the API is consistent and all GData-ish. I realize Picasa already has an API, so make sure it fits nicely into the G+ stack. Also make sure that XFN/FOAF/Friend Connect is as easy to use and as well documented as the Facebook Graph API.

What’s not obvious is that the Stream should have the firehouse from day 1. But let me filter it like we did @ MySpace (we had limitations that I bet you could remove.) Actually, make it more like MySpace and let me subscribe to it. Let me subscribe to anything, with filters, PuSH style. PuSH it baby!

Hangout, from the inside
If Hangout is the ki…