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What do I need to know about San Francisco?

I’m a officially a NorCal resident as of this weekend. For this LA native, the bay area is drastically different then my hometown. But even for the things that are the same, like car washes, I gotz no cluez. Can folks who’ve lived here long enough answer my cries for help? Gracias.

Where do I get a car wash?

Is Verizon any good? Should I switch?

Are Woot shirts not considered clever up here?

Should I buy boating shoes?

Where are the best coffee places to check in on Foursquare to look bohemian and/or working hard?

Is there a good Bart app for Android?

What’s the deal with dog parks? Do you need licenses to go to one?

Where are the best dog parks, or a list of them?

If I get a bike, do the tires have to be skinny and the seat made of leather?

What are the radio alternatives to JackFM, KROQ & The SoundLA?

Where should I buy groceries? Why is it so hard to find a Trader Joes?!?

Please list the best places to get fresh fruit. If you do, I will provide the Gelato I will be making from said fruit.

How can I get a crash-course in SF politics?

How can I get a crash-course in political satire about SF politics?

Are there secrets to apartment hunting on Craiglist? Please help there.

Do people really place fake CL ads to swindle folks from their application fees?

I heard there are more dogs than kids in SF. Please verify.

I’ve been told that the sushi in LA is way better than SF. Say its a lie?

Best Mexican food? All classifications welcome. (authentic, healthy, cheap, different)

How’s the internet speeds? Cable vs dsl vs FIOS?

Is there a good deli? My genetic disposition needs an answer to that one.


That’s it for now. I may add more to the post as questions slap me in the forehead.

Hello San Francisco, I can’t wait to see what we accomplish together!

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