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If I ran BD for Google TV...

I’d target Blue Ray players and bring the price down to $199. The average user is not going to buy a new TV for Googly-ness or are interested in adding another device into their media center mix. However, many have not made the move to Blue Ray so now is the perfect time.

I’d partner with Blue Ray players like Panasonic and Taiwanese netbook companies like ASUS (to hit $199) and get this out for the holiday season.

Don't you need an email to log into Facebook?

I’m really confused; how would Facebook ever replace my inbox? Let’s say the new Messages features is an amazing, mind-blowing, make-angels-weep sort of product. I still need my email to log in. I still get my notifications in my inbox. All my other accounts need email.

So, will I know log in with a username? Maybe. Will I get notifications via phone? Eh, some people can. Will I switch over every account I have? Certainly not.

I’d like to point out one thing - Myspace came out with Myspace Mail last year. I think they did it right. Myspace mail is positioned as a layer on top of email. With a little work, you could make a social proxy for email.

Either journalists are drinking funny cool-aid or Facebook is getting far too arrogant.

I guess we’ll see Monday.