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Why YQL?

Content, & to a degree data, has become ubiquitous in this post-Web 2.0 revolution era. Having mounds of content is not only common, its expected. However, you’ll be hard-pressed to make a business around simply serving data (outside “Premium” content like TV shows ala Hulu.) What you can do is take the hoards of distribution channels and make something meaningful out of all this mess.

Making something meaningful, however, is tricky. With an never-ending array of technologies, formats, standards and groups, collecting content is sometimes harder than figuring out how to make it meaningful. Wouldn’t it be lovely if there was a system that simplified the management and manipulation of data around the web?

That’s where the Yahoo! Query Language (YQL) comes in. For those of you unfamiliar, YQL is system that allows you to work with RESTful web-services in a syntax similar to SQL. YQL has three key elements:
Basic YQL - a system for “SELECT”ing or polling web-services. YQL Open Data T…

First Post

Well, hello.

First, let me start with the formalities. My name is Jonathan Beri. You have arrived to my new web “home.” I am a product manager whose interests range from “all that is web” to Martial Arts to Frank Sinatra, and everything in between.

Be that as it may, the focus of will be the ecosystem that is the Web. I’ve been thinking a lot about the web lately & its high time I pen some of those thoughts.

There will be 2 parts to the site: Articles & Web Trendz. Articles
This will be the core of the site. I will be writing articles on a semi-regular encompassing several topics:
User Experience Emerging Patterns New Technologies Visual Design Information Architecture Site Reviews Mashup Ideas Rants  I should qualify that Rants is a catch-all category. Its not just a place for me to whine and complain :)
Web Trendz

In Web Trendz, I will aggregate great articles I find on the internet. Think of it as a “ReTweet” for Wordpress. It will have its own home & ow…